We believe in a different approach to integrate your business with trading partners, mobile devices and legacy systems. In for a change?


Integration Platform

eMagiz is the Model Driven Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) and Managed Services (Cloud EDI) to integrate your business: easy, agile & fast.


Value proposition

Easy. Based on models, forget code.
Agile. Integration Lifecycle Management as a Service.
Fast. Component re-use based on patterns.



Are you a System Integrator, Software Vendor or Mendix Partner? Discover how our partner programs let you integrate faster.

What we do?

We deliver model driven enterprise integration products and services
eMagiz iPaaS

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

eMagiz delivers Integration Lifecycle Management (ILM) as a service:

  • Social collaboration and agile project management
  • Rapidly design and implement enterprise messaging concepts
  • Model driven design tools to create integration solutions
  • Easy, automated cloud deployments and on-premises distribution
  • Integrated release management with user roles and version control
  • Pro-active content management and monitoring tools
  • Agility to extend, improve and adapt to changes
Managed EDI

Cloud EDI Platform

eMagiz offers managed EDI services for supply chain integration to automate:

  • Order-to-cash processes with trading partners
  • Purchase-to-pay processes with suppliers
  • Intercompany logistics processes
  • Third party logistics (3PL) collaboration
  • Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR)
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) concepts
  • ERP data integration (e.g. Exact, Microsoft, SAP)

How does it work?

Integration Lifecycle as a Service



Use our best practices and wizards to rapidly narrow down integration challenges and business cases into manageable projects and collect all the requirements to give your integration projects a head start.



Think from the big picture and design future proof integration architectures with patterns and topologies for load balancing, guaranteed delivery and high availability.



Establish a 5 layered message bus architecture with a few clicks and empower business engineers with visual design tools to model integrations and create data validations and transformations



Create separate environments to manage and control product delivery and release your integration solutions in cloud, hybrid or on-premises environments



Monitor the health of your integration ecosystem and measure the performance of your integration solution with integrated management statistics and tools



Receive pro-active alerts and detailed notifications about exceptions and rapidly resolve issues with centralized logging and error handling tools

Who we work for?

Building successful partnerships and integration case studies

Together with our partners we integrate businesses in several industries, including:

  • Logistics
  • Supply chain
  • Construction
  • Energy & utilities
  • Retail & wholesale
  • Healthcare
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How do you benefit?

Get on the bus in a day!

We’d love to challenge your requirements during a 1 day hands-on session. During this session you will experience how eMagiz iPaaS and our ILM methodology together empower you to rapidly deliver integration solutions.

So what’s your integration challenge?


Why partner with us?

Discover how our partner programs let you integrate faster.

One-stop-shop for integration projects

Is your main challenge to maximize effective work in your integration projects and reduce overhead of integration solutions? eMagiz provides integration lifecycle management as an online service, whether your client is in need of a simple point-2-point coupling, enterprise class message bus or has ambitions to establish a distributed IT landscape using SOA. Quickly and easily capture, design, create, deploy and manage integration solutions for your clients with the eMagiz VAR/SI partner program.

eMagiz iPaaS

Extended connectivity for your software

Are you looking for a quick and cost effective way to offer your clients access to your software products via an API or standardized interfaces? With the eMagiz OEM/ISV partner program you can quickly establish a flexible middleware solution that keeps the connections with your software products standard whilst offering your clients flexible and cost effective ways to integrate their existing systems with your software.

Our trusted partners

MARS Solutions Group
Amazon Web Services
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