eMagiz is a disruptive high-tech start-up company that designs, develops and provides an integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). We are building an international team of highly skilled academic professionals to deliver state of the art integration technology to our partners and customers.

As an R&D company eMagiz has an independent partner network. Commercial partners include Pink Elephant, TradeCloud, CAPE Systems Integration and FlowFabric. Together with partners, we deliver integration solutions to a diversity of industries, including logistics, retail, health, construction and finance. Educational partners include University of Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and Dinalog.

eMagiz has a central product roadmap to manage R&D. Each month new features are released to the community. Because our ecosystem of partners and customers is rapidly growing, we are expanding our team with:

Software Engineers

Design & deliver highly sophisticated software models to enhance our iPaaS technology

If complexity doesn’t scare you and you’re driven by abstraction, join our R&D team to:

  • Contribute to our platform roadmap and user feedback from our community
  • Design and deliver new / better iPaaS features, from idea/concept to working software
  • Use abstraction to make complex integration concepts available for citizen integrators
  • Conceptualize user requirements to generic and re-usable components
  • Work with a diversity of open source frameworks and model driven technology
  • Use developer freedom to think up unconventional, refreshing solutions
  • Develop your own expertise and initiate product innovation


You have the opportunity to develop your skills in the following frameworks and related technologies:

  • Java (mainly Spring Integration, OSGi and HornetQ)
  • Javascript (Angular.js and MxGraph)
  • Model driven development (Mendix aPaaS)



Contact Rob ter Brugge (r.brugge@emagiz.com) or visit our monthly iPaaS experience to meet the team in person.