About eMagiz

Today, eMagiz is the living proof that software integration becomes business integration. As we continue on our journey, we keep on exploring new and better ways to integrate businesses.

Our mission is never stop wondering; wondering where we go next? Contact us or join our socials.


Want to join us on our journey to model driven integration? Feel free to contact us and discuss job opportunities.

We are looking for:

eMagiz is like the platypus.

  • I am adaptive and have beaten evolution (unlike my dodo friends)
  • I am an integrated specie living in a unique ecosystem
  • I live under water and I am water proof
  • I swim rivers, lakes and sea shores
  • I don’t like to be on premise, but if necessary I go on shore
  • I nest in the banks of your premise and digg in deep
  • My creations are born agile and are lightweight
  • When I go outside, I secure my channel
  • When I hunt I fully trust on my nose (that senses electronic pulses)
  • My DNA is 80% like others (EAI, ESB, B2B, SOA) and 20% is different (Model Driven iPaaS)

I am different due to:

  • My model driven way to realize integrations, all without code!
  • The velocity that I add to launching integration solutions with wizards and component re-use
  • My agility that helps me to constantly evolve and adapt to changing circumstances
  • My proposition: Integration Lifecycle Management as a Service

Meet the team

Hoang Nguyen

Software engineer

Tudor Neacsu

Software engineer

Frank Leuwerink

Software engineer

Marcel Mourik

Business development

Ernest Perkowski

Software engineer

Oscar Ribberink

Software engineer

Nicole Veldhuis

Software engineer

Samet Kaya

Product manager

Rob ter Brugge


Lucas Meertens

Scrum Master

Tom ten Vregelaar

Business development

Alexander van Brakel

UI/UX Consultant

Alexander Willemsen


Stefan van der Woning


Sales Executive Software Engineers

María Solórzano

Software engineer

Duc Bui

Software engineer

Bas Elzinga

IT Architect

eMagiz’ history

eMagiz 2009 - 2019

In 2018, we upgraded our messaging layer from Hornetq towards Apache ActiveMQ Artemis. This guarantees availability, credibility, scalability and high performance. Also, we added the new integration pattern Data Pipeline. Data Pipeline is an embedded data processing engine for the Java Virtual Machine. Easy to use framework for working with batch and streaming huge amounts of data inside your apps.

In 2017 we arranged a partnership with AWS. AWS supports cloud computing and we use it to deliver our services globally and to take the advantages. These are: high availability, high volumes, unlimited resources and mission critical uptime guarantees. AWS offers various services in IT which eMagiz, as an integration platform, can use, namely: machine learning, streaming data and business intelligence solutions.

In 2016 we entirely rebuild our tooling, based on a discovery in collaboration with eMagiz users. The new tool enabled a huge amount of content transformation. Content transformation consists of validation, transformation, enrichment and routing. We do this with xml documents. The mapping and detachment from system messages towards CDM messages could be completely done with eMagiz from that moment on, whereas external tools were needed to do this previously. It could be made visual with use of modelling and thereby less coding was needed.

Since 2015, all environments are accessible through a single portal. From this portal, it is possible to hot deploy flows on the new runtime. Another major change is an update of the platform to Mendix 5, including styling based on Bootstrap. Besides that, the graphical representation of the message bus has been upgraded to include more functionality. An example is that you can now zoom out to see the whole picture, or double-click on a process to go directly to the flow. Another new feature is the new eMagiz Mendix connector, which enables compatibility with the Mendix cloud.

In 2014, our innovation got recognized and awarded with the SME Innovation Award. Our R&D team evolved and we introduced great new community features to empower social collaboration and the process of capturing requirements. Last, but certainly not least, 2014 was the year we expanded our partner ecosystem.

In 2013 we’ve released our Message Bus Wizard and succesfully expanded our designer canvas with graphical tools to create mappings and transformations. This is also the year weíve upped the ante for iPaaS to help our clients and partners embrace integration in a world filled with Cloud Apps, Social Media & eCommerce.

In 2012 our customer base expanded rapidly and we enhanced our product range to support the full lifecycle of integrations. This also was the year our graphical flow designer canvas evolved to our primary user interface. Driven by our passion for models, our new ambition was to ban all the scripting from integration projects.

In 2011 we developed our business model and started entering the market place. We acquired our first customers and build up the first customer successes. Based on customer feedback our prototype evolved to a robust and stable product. For this reasons Iris got a new name: eMagiz!

In 2010 we discovered that software integration is not for technicians only. Based on the academic research we first developed a prototype, called Iris, that was tested in real life situations. Based on our believe that model driven development and enterprise integration patterns can be united we kept on developing.

In 2009 we first started wondering; wouldn’t it be great if data integrations can be modelled instead of hard coded and business consultants can realize application integration for their clients. Driven by this vision, we started with academic research to discover if this wondering could be made for real.