eMagiz Academy

To stay ahead, training and development are of great importance. Are all of your employees ready for the future? eMagiz supports organisations that believe in digital transformation, continuously want to add value and want to be ahead of competition.

Our education and training possibilities provide tools to your employees to help build skills to better understand the integration playground, convert your strategy into versatile solutions and improve continuously.

Training programs

HIP2 in a Day

HIP2 in a day focuses on the basic functionalities of eMagiz and examines the background and the key principles behind the platform.

eMagiz Basic

After the training you can start as an eMagiz consultant to work on integrations into an existing landscape or on the more straightforward integrations.

eMagiz Advanced

After this training you can set up more complex integrations end2end. In addition, attention is paid to the CDM, the Architecture and the design of the platform.

Want to know more about our specific eMagiz training programs? Leave your details below. An eMagiz expert will get in touch with you.

eMagiz Managed Integrations

eMagiz offers managed EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) services for supply chain integration based on industry standards.

The Cloud EDI Platform of eMagiz offers specialized integrations for supply chains in the (non-) food industry and building materials and -supplies.