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Something you know, something you are and something you have…

The eMagiz Platform allows Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). But what is MFA actually?

Marcel Mourik
Marcel Mourik

When you log in on a device, system or a web application with a username and password, it is based on something that you as a user know. When you use MFA, multiple ways to verify your identity are used. MFA is therefore a better, more secure way of authentication based on two of the following characteristics: something you know, something you are and something you have.

Multi Factor Authentication

Various methods

2FA (Two Factor Authentication) is one of the implementations of MFA. When you would like to log in, it means that in this implementation at least two out of three MFA characteristics are applied. If you use MFA in combination with eMagiz, eMagiz will use the 2FA: (1) ask something that only you can know such as a password, and (2) ask you something that only you can have such as a smart phone.

A frequently used MFA approach is an app on your smart phone on which you receive additional login information in the form of a push message. This is often referred to as the primary method. It is common practice to use also a secondary method such as receiving an SMS message.

Implement Backup Methods

Something may go wrong with the primary method. It is advisable to set up your backup method that you can use to log into your account in this scenario. With MFA it is always required to verify your account once more. This is the key reason why MFA is considered as the most effective way to prevent (identity) fraud.

Do you want to secure your access to eMagiz with MFA? Then switch MFA “on” today. To do this, go to the Administration section of eMagiz to configure MFA.

By the way, did you know that you may have been using MFA unnoticed for years in the Netherlands? Multi-Factor Authentication, for example, is applied by default when you withdraw money (bank card and PIN code) or when you aply for your tax return using your DigiD (username / password and SMS message).

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