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Data-reliability vital for Huuskes

Data-reliability vital for Huuskes

Real-time processing and publishing data to external is becoming increasingly important for organisations. Huuskes is experiencing growth in product information data flows, but also in their logistics and commercial data flows. By understanding all these flows in detail, several of these data flows are combined to streamline the data flows towards their customer base. Most of the dataflows at Huuskes are digitalized via the eMagiz platform, which offers them the possibility to present real-time data to their clients via channels such as UIB (Huuskes Internet Bestelsysteem), PIM (Product Informatie Management Systeem Huuskes) and ETEN&ZO (Huuskes application for smaller sized health care organisations).

“Given the strict laws and regulations in food and beverages, and the vulnerability of our target group, it is essential that data is up-to-date at all times. The great thing about eMagiz is that we can bring together different types of data from different systems."

Huuskes is the key producer of meal deliveries in health care and total supplier for healthcare in the Netherlands. Huuskes prepares healthy and tasty meals every day and delivers them together with groceries to care homes, nursing homes, hospitals and other care institutions throughout the Netherlands. Specialization and customer focus are important pillars of Huuskes’ services.

The importance of digitization

To be able to offer customers flexibility and at the same time maintaining high quality, speed and delivery reliability, Huuskes has set up a modern IT landscape. For instance, Huuskes offers its customers two online ordering systems, in which all information regarding products, allergens, ingredients and nutritional values come together in a digital manner. In this way, customers always have up-to-date information available. They can easily order products that fit within a specific diet or take into account an allergy. For Huuskes, this means that information from different sources must be combined. To achieve this, Huuskes uses a number of modern solutions.

Data integration

In a modern IT landscape such as that of Huuskes, the role of data integration is essential. Huuskes uses various systems to administer information and to digitalize work processes. Despite the variety of applications, data has to be exchanged between applications, so that no unnecessary manual actions or data administration is required. To achieve this integration between the various systems, Huuskes uses the eMagiz iPaaS platform. Through the platform, a scalable and future-proof connection has been realized between systems, so that messages can be exchanged in real time. This allows Huuskes to quickly update the information on its digital channels. By using the integration platform, information can be exchanged based on different protocols and extensions, so that systems can always be linked. For example, Huuskes connects directly with a number of purchasing systems, so that the order and invoice process runs efficiently.

The future

For Huuskes, the digital data streams have become essential in achieving its objectives. Data is an important part of its services proposition to customers. With the eMagiz iPaaS platform, Huuskes has a solution to transport data between systems in a controlled, safe and reliable way. In this way they can continue to offer innovative solutions to thei customers and partners and achieve company goals in the long term.