eMagiz Managed Integrations

eMagiz Managed Integrations

eMagiz offers managed EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) services for supply chain integration based on industry standards. The Cloud EDI Platform of eMagiz offers specialized integrations for supply chains in the (non-) food industry and building materials and -supplies (DIY). References include:


Cloud EDI

The Cloud EDI Platform of eMagiz automates the message exchange between all business and trading partners in the supply chain:

Supply-Chain Integration

Trading partner management

Cloud EDI administrates buyers, suppliers and other business partners by EAN code and integration contract. Parties who are integrated via Cloud EDI include:

EDI Trading Partners

Ordering of goods

The order-to-cash process facilitates message exchange concerning order fulfillment with different trading partners. The sales order, order confirmation, packing slip and sales invoice are sent digital.

Cloud EDI handles the required convertions and extensions of the message formats. With the help of routing and business rules, the message exchanged can be configured to specific requirements.

Purchasing of goods

Cloud EDI facilitates digital purchasing of goods for multiple suppliers. The purchase order, confirmation, packing slip and purchase invoice are exchanged digital.

Automating these processes will shorten process lead times and improve the cash flow with faster payments.

Inter Company Logistics (ICL)

Cloud EDI support intercompany logistics with fast and accurate exchange of sales and purchase orders between multiple subsidiaries. Automation of intercompany information flows creates a single entry point of data which leads to efficiency and reliability.

Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Electronic data exchange is essential in logistics. Cloud EDI integrates logistics processes with a single operation business unit and multiple Logistics Services Providers (LSPs) who manage your inventory. Despatch advices are exchanged with accurate and reliable logistical information (e.g. measurements, weights and volumes).

Supply Chain Integration

Businesses are increasingly using the EDI standard as a quality standard for the collaboration with suppliers and trading partners. It is essential that the flow of information follows the movement of goods in real-time. Cloud EDI enables end-2-end data integration and connects to existing ERP systems (e.g. Exact, UNIT4, SAP).

Benefits of Cloud EDI

Reduce transaction costs 91%
Increase efficiency 85%
Shorten lead times 80%
Speed-up cash flow 73%

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Retailers are increasingly redesigning their supply chains to lower inventory (costs) and optimize collaborations with their business partners. Cloud EDI supports the concept of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) which provides suppliers with required information for just in time deliveries.

Collaborative Planning, Forecasting & Replenishment (CPFR)

Cloud EDI facilitates the CPFR concept by continuous updating inventory levels and planned requirements for goods which makes the end-to-end supply chain process more efficient for all involved business and trading partners.

Message types

The Cloud EDI platform orchestrates standardized messages, including:

  • Party Information (PARTIN)
  • Product Data (PRODAT)
  • Sales- & Purchase Order (ORDERS)
  • Application Error & Acknowledgement (APERAK)
  • Despatch Advice (DESADV)
  • Invoice (INVOIC)
  • Receiving Advice (RECADV)
  • Inventory Report (INVRPT)
  • Price & Sales Catalogue (PRICAT)
  • Sales Data Report (SLSRPT)
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Tom ten Vregelaar
Tom ten Vregelaar

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