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The IT trends of 2021 – Results of the annual benchmark of eMagiz

The IT trends among IT decision makers of Dutch Enterprises!

According to 88% of the Dutch organizations, data plays a significant part in the growth of the organization for the upcoming five years. However, for only 35% of these organizations the data is actually simple accessible. This was revealed in eMagiz’s annual benchmark research, which examines IT trends within multiple organizations and markets. 

Data is increasingly functioning as the pivot of the organization and that is an observation that should not go unnoticed. IT decision makers from various organizations such as Essent, ARAG and DHL indicate that data use is an extremely important part of their strategy. 

The benchmark focussed on 300+ companies in the 5 core sectors of eMagiz:

  • Construction, Infra & Utilities
  • Services (Financial, Business, ICT  & others)
  • Industry
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Food, Agro & Retail 

The IT decision makers of these organizations shared their experiences with theme’s such as data management, enterprise integration dilemma’s and data architecture. In addition, the benchmark discussed the practical applicability of innovative technologies. Would you like to receive the full report? Click the button below and receive the edition of 2021!

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