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The eMagiz Community is there for you to accelerate

The built-in eMagiz Community platform features are aimed at supporting eMagiz users in their daily activities and developments. Offering education, documentation and best practices, eMagiz users can quickly improve themselves to quickly develop more complex integrations. 

eMagiz Documentation

Within the eMagiz platform, all documentation elements are available for eMagiz users. This allows users to quickly and easily receive support during their daily acitivities to realize new integrations, process changes and manage the different eMagiz environments.

eMagiz Release blogs

Every two weeks we publish a blog on our latest release. Read up on what could change in your eMagiz environment, how we want to even better support you as a user & what other tweaks we did.

eMagiz Support

Our support department is available if your platform instance requires support. eMagiz support is responsible for meeting the service level agreement that your organization has agreed upon. Handling incidents can be done using the eMagiz Support Portal.

eMagiz Q&A

All eMagiz users have access to the Q&A forum, where the eMagiz user community can collaborae to help eachother find solutions for integration challenges. Searching this community can lead to the answers for your integration questions.