Construction Industry – English

Construct a digital landscape

The Construction industry is actively working on Digital Transformation programs. eMagiz supports these organizations and initiatives by creating a digital landscape that allows for more efficient and effective business processes and data exchange. 

eMagiz has multiple years of experience in the Industry and Construction sector and therefore understands the challenges in the market. Royal BAM, Plegt-Vos and ERU are long-term clients of eMagiz and eMagiz has helped these companies to realize their ambitions.These customers use the Messaging and API Gateway of eMagiz, but also for companies operating in this sector, Event streaming can offer some great benefits. 


The Construction industry requires organizations to be in a constant mode of change in order to remain profitable and unique in a very competitive market. Companies are required to go beyond their traditional thinking about their business as customers and partners require added value. There are common themes in the market these days such as digital transformation, supply chain partnering and shortage in the job market. eMagiz helps companies to digitalize data streams to help improve business processes that are focused on making it easy, fast and accurate for clients and partners.

Control your data

Assets and projects are spread across geographical dispersed locations. Ensure for clear-cut exchange of master data in order to have access to the latest update all the time

Supply Chain partnering

Allow digital access to your company for both suppliers and clients so less mistakes are made in de various business processes.

Stimulate innovation

Offer new services to partners and clients that are data driven, for instance sensor and IoT data. Remove the bottleneck of integration.

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