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eMagiz academy

As part of our Enablement Program, we established the eMagiz Academy. We did this to ensure that partners and clients have ample opportunity to become self-sufficient with eMagiz. eMagiz is a low-code, model driven integration platform, and therefore all aspects that a DevOps team will need are available as learnings at the Academy. We offer a learning program in which you can define your own learning path and determine your own pace based on your objectives. Traditional learning methods often contain a lot of waste and slack, teaching you everything there is to know about their platform, including features you may not require or use. We prefer offering you a program in which you can determine what’s important for you to be succesful in your integration journey. 

Accelerated learning

The low-code and model driven approach of eMagiz enables business users without deep technological knowledge to create integrations very quickly. Within the eMagiz Academy, a 70-20-10 model is used. 70% of learning is done by working side by side with an Expert Services consultant, 20% is done by knowledge sharing and gathering and 10% is done by formal structured training.

Customize scope

Determine your learning path based on the Start, Structure and Scale phases of our Enablement program. Within each phase, there are certain features of the eMagiz platform to become acquainted with. We allow for flexibility by offering a multitude of microlearnings concerning the features within the platform. This allows customers of the eMagiz Academy to select the subjects that they require to learn in order to develop the integrations they have in scope.

Fast track

All training materials is made available and can be combined with training modules and microlearnings to quickly and specifically acquire knowledge. Our microlearnings are bite-sized learnings that teach you a specific topic in less than 30 minutes. Microlearnings include theory on the subject, a recommendation for self-exercise and includes a silent recording of a demonstration within the platform. Microlearnings allow eMagiz users to self-pace their training.


All Academy sessions and microlearnings are part of a broader enablement program and offered by fully certified eMagiz trainers. For enablement programs specifically, we provide class-room or virtual training sessions hosted by eMagiz Training consultants. You will receive support from Training Consultants and Expert Services Consultants that can help you keep up the pace in your learning path. Go to Expert Services if you want know more.

Define your own learning path

To get you started, you will begin with the eMagiz Crash Course. The crash course will provide you with a basic understanding of our platform. You’ll learn how to start a new project and will learn how to build your integrations. The crash course is mandatory to learn eMagiz properly and should be completed before other courses. 

Next, you will define your own learning path based on what your developement goals are with the eMagiz platform. The eMagiz Academy provides several modules addressing all available features of the platform.

eMagiz provides a certification program as part of the integration journey. The certification program is integrated into the learning path From Basic to Expert, and is available from all roles. 

Role-based learning paths are based on the type of activity that these users would need to do within the eMagiz platform on a daily basis. Currently we recognize three roles: Developer, Architect and Support engineer. For each role, a predefined learning path is established and can be customized based on the business objectives.