Expert Services

eMagiz Expert Services

To optimize your iPaaS platform experience, eMagiz Expert Service offerings are available. As part of our Enablement program, we can help you kick-start your integration journey and help you get acquainted with the eMagiz platform. The Expert Service offerings play a vital role in our Enablement program. Our team will help you maximize your investments and deliver particular services during all phases (Start, Structure, Scale) of the enablement program.

Depending on where you are in your integration journey (Start, Structure, or Scale), you are able to customize your Expert Service bundle and only select the offerings that are relevant for your business objective. Listed in this overview are all Expert Service offerings that are currently available, either part of a custom enablement program, or as a stand-alone service.

Solution Architecture advice

With Solution Architecture advice our expert services consultant will provide you with recommendations for the best integration architecture for your specific IT landscape (start phase). This helps you to select the right integration patterns for each specific use-case and helps you aligh the solution architecture with your business objectives.

Initial cloud design

Based on contextual requirements, our expert services consultant will provide you with the right Cloud Design Architecture including a hybrid set-up of cloud and local connectors to produce and consume data. We help you configure memory settings and assign data providers and data consumers to specific locations and runtimes, in order to ensure your eMagiz platform runs in an optimal manner.

Discovery Integration program(s)

With this program, the expert services consultant will help you capture all business requirements and help you design the scope for the Start, Structure, or Scale phase. Our team will help you develop a complete Solution Design, so your eMagiz developers get off to a running start and create their integrations. With the help of our team, your Solution Design will be rock solid, and your eMagiz implementation will run smoothly.

Expert Service mentoring

Work with one of our expert services consultants and benefit from their advanced explanations and guidance for your eMagiz team. Our Experts will help you to understand the platform in more detail, and provide your team with recommendations to optimize the platform. These sessions consist of a mix of working side-by-side and knowledge sharing in order to increase the learning velocity of developers. The consultant will mentor your team and prepare them for eMagiz certifications and help to increase the productivity of your eMagiz developers. 

Advanced Cloud optimization

With advanced cloud optimization, our expert services consultant will assess, validate and optimize the eMagiz cloud for your eMagiz instance. It offers you the chance to discuss and implement specific scenarios with expert services consultants. Our experts will help you optimize your cloud and ensure you have the right set-up for your use-cases.

Complex integration advice

With this offering an expert services consultant will advice you on how to realize a concrete, complex integration inside your landscape. The consultant will help you to implement the integrations in scope which will help to realize the business case faster. Benefit from their experience and settle integrations quickly and effectively in your landscape. 

Model Quality Assurance check

Review your entire Integration model configured against vendor best practices and obtain a concrete list list of improvement actions to ensure a high-quality integration model. The Model Quality Assurance check helps you to keep your model functioning, up-to-date and flexible in order to meet future business requirements.

Platform Quality Assurance check

Review your entire eMagiz platform installation and usage via overall Maintainability, Resilience, Performance and Security dimensions. The check results in recommendations for short-term wins and long-term gains including a high-level effort assessment. It ensures you that your complete environment remain aligned with the latest eMagiz versions, constructs and features so that you can keep your eMagiz environment agile for changing and new business requirements

Training requirements assessments

For more experienced use of the eMagiz platform, our expert services consultant can advise you on the training and certifications that your eMagiz developers need to remain up to date with the platform. Based on the experience levels of the developers, a specific learning path will be recommended.