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Working at eMagiz

eMagiz notices that organizations that are able to maximally and efficiently digitally transform, are more succesfull and leading in their market. eMagiz wants to be the best and logical choice to help organizations in their digital transformation. To do so, eMagiz is regularly looking for talent to join our team. Do you want to work on complex challenges and help bring the eMagiz product to the next level?  

Open positions

You can apply for the positions that are stated below. Here we described what the position entails and where the focus lies. You can easily apply for the position via the link in the vacancy descriptions. If you have any questions about job openings or other possibilities, please contact us!

Call or app us with any questions about job openings and possibilities!

Samet Kaya

Samet Kaya
Software Delivery Manager @ eMagiz

+31 6 24 37 48 06


Bart Buschmann Commercial Manager @ eMagiz

+31 6 41 23 43 69

Why eMagiz?

You and your team

We care for our employees. Your growth and development come first, and that’s a promise! We already have a great deal of knowledge but we could also use your brains and ideas. A job at eMagiz offers a lot of variety and creativity, next to that we create a healthy work-private balance. At eMagiz we don’t only work hard, we also know an informal and social atmosphere with our fun workpartys, Social Fridays, skill sessions and after work drinks. In short at eMagiz we work together to achieve the best result and we have a lot of space for your own personal development. Do you think you’re the perfect addition to our team? Apply now!

The platform

eMagiz was developed to enable business experts without any in-depth knowledge to realize any integration that is necessary from the business perspective. Because of that reason eMagiz is developed as a low-code integration platform where you model integrations in a visual way. The Integration Lifecycle model (ILM) support this by helping customers to develop and manage the integrations quick and flawless.

Next to that eMagiz is a iPaaS, a integration Platform as a Service. We offer customers the possibility to realize processes, data, applications and API’s where end-points can be both on-premise as in the cloud. The realization, the derollment over multiple environments (test, acceptance and production) and management of integrations is all done from the platform.

Our core values

Our logo is a platypus and represents everything eMagiz stands for: universal integration, successful evolutions, adaptability and being ‘different’ than others. We believe in the advantages of applying a different approach. The platypus already existed when dinosaurs were around, it has the head of a duck, paws with scales and a tail like a bever. It is a mammal but it lays eggs. The platypus can defend himself with his poisinous spine and uses its beak to wroot in the mud to find food. The animal has always managed to adapt to its environment and its adaptability is fully in line with the core values of eMagiz. We strive to continously improve our platform and enable complex integrations. By listening to our customers and partners we continously take our platform to the next level!