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Any integration challenge can be solved with Messaging - Complexity is no issue

eMagiz Enterprise iPaaS is the platform for all integration challenges. The platform supports different integration patterns, so that you always possess the best solution. Messaging is one of the patterns used within the eMagiz platform and is used by many customers as the standard pattern for application and data integration. 

What is Messaging?

An organization usually employs multiple applications. Applications that are built upon differing platforms and based on differing protocols. To sucessfully support business processes, these applications must exchange data. The messaging integration pattern is used to exchange messages and data packets reliable, (a)synchronously and flexibly between applications. Asynchronous messages are used for message exchange between distributed systems, whereby both systems need not be active at the same time and no response on the initial message is required. Synchronous messages are used when a response to the initial message is required. Both synchronous and asynchronous messaging is supported within eMagiz. 

Why Messaging?

Messaging is often used in the context of connecting legacy systems or standard software offerings to modern applications used for Digital Transformation initiatives. New business processes require data from these systems and by using eMagiz, this data can easily and reliably be exchanged using the available protocols, transformations and message formats. 

An advantage of eMagiz is that the platform offers insight into the integration landscape of an organization. Integrations within organizations are often set-up as point-to-point integration using differing methodologies and technology. eMagiz is able to clearly depict applications and integrations in a visual overview, allowing users to filter on data types or systems. 

In combination with other integration patterns, eMagiz offers the possibility to uniformly and transparently offer external data to the internal organization.


To facilitate the messaging pattern, eMagiz uses modern technological frameworks, including ApacheMQ Artemis and ApacheQpid. Messaging requires a distributed technological architecture, which is cloud agnostic and can function both in the cloud and on-premises. On the eMagiz portal, the integration model is developed, which will subsequently be hosted on runtimes. The integration model is controllable from the eMagiz portal, offering you all messaging features your organization requires.

eMagiz Enterprise iPaaS uses the “VETRO” (Validate, Enrich, Transform, Route & Operate) principle for the messaging pattern. Using this principle, data is validated, enrichment and transformation takes place, mesasges are routed to the correct destination and the data flow can be managed. By implementing this principle within the eMagiz platform, “loose-coupling” can be realized between applications. Loose-coupling is a principle, whereby (message)definitions belonging to systems and application are not directly connected using point-to-point integrations. eMagiz uses a canonical data model (CDM), allowing for data en message reusability. This results in an integration landscape that can scale more easily and in which a higher degree of control over data is attained. 



eMagiz Messaging technology offers the following advantages for your organization:

  • Faster time-to-market for integrations
  • Easily exchange existing data to support new and changing business processes  
  • An architectural overview of the integration landscape 
  • Unlock dat& transaction processing 
  • Both synchronous and asynchronous message exchange