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Enrich your proposition as logistic service provider using digitalization.

The transport & logistics sector is changing rapidly. eMagiz supports organizations in this sector in shaping their digital landscape, so they they can enrich their proposition with digital services. 


The world of logistics is changing rapidly and is becoming ever more global. New production areas are formed on a daily basis, trade is reacting to new opportunities and relations with markets are ever-changing. Furthermore, a shortage of personnel remains a large challenge. Logistic Service Providers are more and more subject to geopolitical developments, price and currency changes and export limitations. To spread these risks, many logistic service providers employ scenario planning, look proatively at new markets and organize strategic and operational agility. 

Besides these changes, sustainability is now deeply embedded in society and the logistical sector. Sustainability goes beyond the modalities alone, but also concerns buildings and IT. Digitalization and sustainability go hand in hand and offer new opportunities to shape sustainability projects and meet demands by offering new, digital services. eMagiz Enterprise iPaaS helps organizations in the transport & logistics industry in their digital transformation. Integration the organization’s supply chain, allowing digital transformation with supply chain partners is crucial. Furthermore, many organizations have applications that require relocation to the cloud. eMagiz allows these organizations to execute these projects successfully, allowing them to possess accurate and reliable data and remain competitive. 

Legacy Integration

Reduce administrative burdens by shaping automated message exchange from legacy systems. Work on a cloud strategy from a solid, integrated base.

Logistical Control Tower

Use integrations to develop a Logistical Control Tower, so that you always possess accurate data and are in control of your landscape.

Partner Onboarding

Allow for quick onboarding of new partners and parties by using API's and integrations based on market standards.


eMagiz originated in the transport & logistics sector and has a breadth of experience in serving logistic service providers. eMagiz Enterprise iPaaS is trusted by customers like PostNL, Neele-Vat, DHB and DHL in shaping their integration landscape. With multiple years of experience, eMagiz understands the challenges the sector provides and can quickly use previously developed solutions. Furthermore, standard integrations with several well-known TMS systems are available. Using eMagiz technology and integration patterns like Messaging, API Gateway, Data Pipelines and Event Streaming, any integration challenge can be solved. So that organizations can digitalize and remain competitive.