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Oct. 31: Breakfast and knowledge

What integration type fits your IT Landscape?
Trends pitfalls and best practices.

After taking your breakfast, we will take you through the current trends in the area of integrations and integration landscapes. Enrich your (technical) integration knowledge which helps you to define and/or expand a successful integration strategy. Are you already aware of the Mendix Data Hub for instance?How does LAMA Empowerz translate current trends to practical solutions? 

These and many more questions will be discussed with you. 

The free breakfast seminar will be held at the Apeldoorn office of our partner LAMA Empowerz. Please note that you can attend this seminar with limited technical knowledge around integrations. Please register below.

Date: October 31, 8:30 – 11:00 

Location: LAMA Empowerz, Apeldoorn

Language: Dutch



Developments in the integration landscape | Samet Kaya, Software Delivery Manager eMagiz

Microservices, distributed landscapes, Mendix data hubs, SaaS solutions and services. Everything is connected and data management and integration is becoming increasingly complex; before you know it an integration landscape becomes uncontrollable. What are current market trends and how should you respond to them?? Which integration pattern should you use for which service / service? How can you keep your integration landscape manageable?

Integration types: an overview | Samet Kaya, Software Delivery Manager eMagiz

Specific scenarios ask for specific technical solutions, and thus require various integration types. Messaging, Data pipes, Publish & Subscribe and API Gateway are examples of the integration types you may require for your future integration landscape.. What are the specific characteristics? When to choose which type? In this session Samet elaborate on the differences, advantages and disadvantages of each type. Don’t worry; limited technical knowledge is required.

Asset Management and integrations | Toon Rutgers, Managing Partner LAMA Empowerz

The evolution in Asset Management are moving at a very fast pace. Due to IoT development, the amount of data increases disastrous. Which is further increased by Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Asset Performance Management. Application landscapes are becoming increasingly hybrid to tap into these data needs. How can you best deal with this in daily life?

Register, and enjoy a knowledge session with a tasty breakfast!

About LAMA Empowerz

LAMA Empowerz is an Asset Management, mobile access to processes and IoT specialist. They brings together the best technology, people and knowledge to deliver an optimum in adding value for its customers. LAMA combines a great deal of domain knowledge with practical IT applications in industry, infrastructure, construction and logistics.

About CAPE Groep

CAPE Groep makes digital transformation and innovation possible, mainly in Construction, Logistics and Supply Chain. Together with our customers, we create custom applications that digitalize, optimize and make processes agile. CAPE Groep sees digital transformation as a strategic instrument in achieving business goals.

About eMagiz

eMagiz is a multi pattern, model driven integration platform. Leader in provide integration solution in often complex IT-landscapes with dozens of integration types and integration patterns. eMagiz sends out more than 10 million messages on a daily basis.