Having problems dealing with the wide range of data formats?

Create an API to offer your clients flexible and cost effective ways to integrate their existing systems with your software

Build an API for your software

With eMagiz data transport, -validation and transformation is made easy like never before. Whether you receive flat text files, XML, web services, bytes, EDI or custom data formats. eMagiz streamlines data transport throughout your supply chain. Where do you want to go?

eMagiz enables you to easily create a communication layer between your legacy systems and the systems of external parties. What to implement SOA on top of your products and solutions? eMagiz will route all data entries from your software to the concerned back-office systems of your clients.

Integrate all mobile devices

Do your outside sales or field service engineers have quick access to relevant data? Rapidly integrate with cash desks, barcode scanners, board computers, smartphones with eMagiz.

Want to improve your customer service? Offer your customers real-time insight without creating overhead and enrich all static data from your back-office with dynamic data from mobile devices with eMagiz.

Interested in a custom demo?

Feel free to contact us, weíd like to hear how we can help you integrate easier and faster.