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Speed up the requirements engineering process to integrate faster and maximize effective work.

Reuse proven integration patterns

Getting bored of creating the same point-to-point couplings over and over? Experience how eMagiz lets you integrate the business of your clients with model driven technology. Discover the wide range of adapters and connectors that the graphical flow designer canvas offers.

eMagiz uses Architected Model Driven Development (AMD) to rapidly design, model and deploy integration solutions. According to Gartner AMD focus is in component re-use and based on the presumption that the required service already exists somewhere. Therefore eMagiz adopts successful and innovative open source projects and libraries so you can simply drag and drop integration components and rapidly deliver integration solutions.

Flexible & scalable integrations

Think big. Start small. Move fast. Improve continuously. That’s what everyone wants, right? eMagiz lets you deliver flexible and scalable integration solutions. Not more, not less, but just what you need. Adapt to ever changing world with the agile Integration Lifecycle Management (ILM) approach of eMagiz. eMagiz facilitates the delivery of light weight integration solutions without implementing unecessary overhead or infrastructure.

In need of more integration power? eMagiz can easily be scaled up using the message bus wizard. With a few clicks you can implement an enterprise class message bus with load balancing, fail-over & clustering.

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