Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

eMagiz is the Model Driven Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that integrates your business. Easy. Agile. Fast.

ILM Dashboard

Integration Lifecycle Management as a Service

  • Login and go, no local installs
  • Model driven, multi-tenant integration platform
  • Partner, customer & end user administration
  • SLA reporting & statistics

Design your solution

  • Wizard to rapidly design a message bus infrastructure
  • Design the topology to fulfill customer requirements
  • Add more power when needed with load balancing, clustering and fail-over
Flow designer

Design, test and deploy light-weight integration solutions

  • Graphical flow designer with automatic consistency checks
  • Maximize re-use with an extended set of adapters, connectors and 100+ components
  • Visual data mapping & transformations, no scripting
  • Extendable with custom services, protocols and legacy data formats

Benefit the ease of deployment automation

  • Download and run without hassle
  • Automatically generated deployment packages
  • Deploy in the cloud, on-premise or in hybrid environments

Extend, improve and adapt to changes

  • Easily add new integrations and change or delete outdated integrations
  • Manage changes in your environment, content or mappings
  • Customer self-service portal
Capture designer

Social collaboration and agile project management

  • Share your integration resources with colleagues and peers
  • Centrally document and version your integration design solutions
  • Join our community for social collaboration, Q&A, documentation & downloads

Rapidly create message bus concepts

  • Automatically configure entry connectors and message bus processes
  • Reuse proven, ready to use integrations patterns for guaranteed delivery
  • Customize message bus processes to your specific needs

Distribute your solution

  • Bundle all your integrations, resources into a deployment package
  • Manage product delivery with integrated DTAP environments and user roles
  • Deploy individual components and distribute services across the enterprise

Pro-active management of your integrations

  • Message tracking
  • Monitoring & logging
  • Error & exception handling
  • Notifications & alerting