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eMagiz Enterprise Integration: HIP2

Business requirement and processes are constantly changing. To be able to cope with these changes in a fast, flexible and future-proof manner, an effective integration landscape is required. A landscape in which you can manage all your data at a glance. In which all integration patterns and integration types have been merged.


Messaging integrations concern system to system integrations (both synchronous and asynchronous), using the eMagiz 5-layer model.

Data pipelines

Data pipes concern data integrations that use the eMagiz 3-layer model and are scheduled using jobs in an asynchronous manner.

Delta service

The Delta service is an eMagiz service that can transform full-load data batches to “updates-only” messages.


API Gateway

This integration type is used to take API calls from clients, then route them to the appropriate microservice with a request for routing, composition, and protocol translation.

File transfer

File transfer means having applications produce files containing information that other applications need to use. A fair bit of processing could be involved, for which eMagiz offers a wide spread of functionality to make life easier

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