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Release 67: ‘Visual cortex’ is now live

Release date: 2016-08-26 Release name: Visual cortex Release version: 67 The visual cortex release introduces version 7.8 of the eMagiz portal. The main feature of this release is the Canonical Data Model (CDM) editor. It is now possible to easily define your CDM and message types in the Design phase of the ILM. In addition,…


Flow designer

Release version 59: Haplotype

Major release that brings eMagiz to the next level in Integration Lifecycle Management (ILM). The portal has been redesigned to guide you through the phases of the ILM.


eMagiz 7

Get ready for eMagiz 7!

Our team proudly presents the major release of eMagiz. The eMagiz 7 release is packed with improvements. Enjoy our vlog to get a quick introduction!


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